Monday, June 9, 2014

A little flower tutorial for you!

Hi everyone!  It's Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios, and I get to share a little post for you today since Erin is away!

One of the embellishments that I really love to make are paper flowers, and while there are all sorts of die cuts and cut files out there to make beautiful blooms, it can be a lot of fun to simply experiment with shapes and see what happens.  So today, I thought I would share a little experiment I did with hearts shapes, and some of the great double-sided cardstock from DCWV. Let's get started!

- double sided cardstock
- scissors
- adhesive


Step 1: Start by collecting yours supplies.  

I decided to work with this great teal colour for my flower - the sheet of carstock is this great, rich colour on one side, and a bit of a lighter tone of the same colour on the other.  Although it isn't the most traditional colour for a flower, I wasn't too worried about it since this design gives more of an impression of a flower, as opposed to looking exactly like a specific type of flower.  


Step 2: Fold over the edge of your paper about 1".   If you have a bone folder, go ahead and tighten up the crease with that tool.  If not, just use the handle of your scissors and run it over the fold to tighten it up.

Step 3: Think back to your Valentines Days in school, and cut a simple heat shape.  For this flower, I decided to go with petals that were long and skinny, so you will notice that the heart is much longer than it is wide.  If you are planning on using the flower on a traditional card, you will want to stay under 2" so the completed flower will still fit on a card.

Step 4: Using your first heart as a template, trace and then cut 4 more for a total of 5 petals.

Step 5: Using the opposite edge of your piece of cardstock, repeat step 2, folding over the edge about 3/4" this time.  Cut another heart shape that is about 1/2 the size of the first one (in the picture, you can see the two petals side by side). Don't worry about being exact here - just eyeball it.  A little more or a little less will not be a problem! 

Step 6: Using a sheet of yellow cardstock, cut a circle that is about 1".  Again, if you have a punch or dire cutter, that's great.  But if not, just cut it by hand like I did - you will not see most of the circle so it doesn't have to be perfectly round.

Step 7: Open up each of your petals so the fold so you have a valley fold (the top of the petal will dip inward).  Using an adhesive and your largest set of petals, apply some glue to the bottom of the petal at the point.  Although any type of adhesive will work, I really like to use a liquid because it gives me the time to move petals around after I have placed them.  It does, however, require a bit more patience, and isn't the best choice for last minute projects (not that I would know about last minute projects ;)).

Step 8: Starting at any point on your circle, place the petals glue side down on top of the circle.

Step 9: Place all five of the largest petals down, and adjust so that they are evenly spaced.  

Step 10: Using the smaller set of petals, refold them to that the lighter tone of carstock is on the top.  Apply the adhesive, and then place the small petals in between the spaces of the the larger petals.  Do not press down too hard at this point - just enough to have the petals make contact with the yellow circle.  

Step 11: Be patient, and let the bloom completely dry before you pick it up and handle it! Flatten our the petals a bit, and have fun using them on a project.

So there you have it!  While I know it seems like a lot of steps, these playful blooms are super easy to make. I teamed mine up with some paper from the Chalk Fun stack, and created a little card.  Play with the size of your petals, the colours that you use for each layer, and even the shaped of the heart petals to create different looks (the flower in the background uses the reverse colour tones, and a wider heart shaped petal as a base)!  These would be great on a layout or home decor project too!

Well, I hope this has planted a little seed of inspiration today! Remember, you don't need fancy tools to create beautiful blooms - just play with shapes, paper, scissor and glue, and have some fun!
Feel free to stop by my blog for a few more pictures of this project, and a couple of other designs as well.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your flowers! Such pretty colors too. I must say that you are very good at freehand cutting! I'm headed to my desk now to see if I can make some. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Pamela, I hope you will share your creation with us if you do!

  2. This is great, Karen! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE your card and FABULOUS flowers!!!
    WOW - what a wonderful technique - THANK YOU for sharing :)
    Sadly I have not seen any double-sided DCWV cardstock in my crafty travels but will definitely be giving these a try with my stash until I can find some.

  4. What a fun idea and it turned out so pretty.

  5. Thank you for sharing this awesome is so pretty. I love flowers, too!!