Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Techniques and Tips

Celeste here today to show you how to
create an "Origami Balloon" banner for 
your next summer party! 

At DCWV, Kathy and I try to have something
nice to decorate the designers desks for their
birthday. Below is an origami balloon banner I made for 

The following photos are to show you the basic looks you can do with these origami balloons. 

I've tried to show you that they are just like any other banner you can hang. I will say they tend to be a little bit heavier than the flat banners though. Add in any other embellishments you'd like of course as you create them (Ribbons, photos, large balloons, pom poms, buttons, tassels, etc.).

I folded 90 pieces from 22 1/2 12"x12" prints.  These are found in a DCWV "180 stack". This particular stack is full of photo real designs and the paper is "copy paper" weight (the heavier paper will not fold in the way that this lighter paper folds).  After I finished, I threaded the paper balloons onto a string that is 6 yards long. I still had enough string to hang the banner up. 

These are photos taken from around our office area (one without a home-like feel).  Just imagine how cool the banner you'll create using this idea will look at your pool side or on your deck, draped from an awning. Or even draped in the trees. Adding in some of your own personal touches will make a better presentation at your next party. I even think they would fit onto the smaller "indoor, outdoor" Christmas lights. But as always, please use caution as it may be a fire hazard. 

I've provided a few websites that I found videos for you to watch if you can't follow the 
directions provided below. Have fun and have the kids help fold these. Most of 
the websites I found say you can fill the balloons with water. I never tried it though. 


Have fun creating an "Origami Balloon" banner!


  1. These are just super cute. I can not wait to try these tomorrow!!

  2. Love it. What a wonderful idea,

  3. Very creative and unique!
    Love it!